Clients are for Life, not just for Christmas

In today’s blog I’m thinking of those businesses that primarily do business-to-business work and want to strengthen their relationships.


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A lot of B2B businesses wind down in December, including many marketing agencies – Christmas campaigns have kicked off and are already implemented, so unless January sales activity is still being strategised, it can be quieter than the months preceding it.

Of course if you work in catering or events, or something else seasonal, it can be a manic time of year. If this is you and you’re rushed off your feet, the last thing you may be thinking of is evaluating your client base.

But, if you have contracts coming up for renewal in January or need some new work lined-up to stay above water, you’ve probably thought about Christmas marketing already. You may even be carrying out a last minute push for marketing or sorting Christmas gifts for clients.

Whether you’re going steady, business is blossoming, or if it needs to improve and fast, it is important to think ahead and plan your sales and retention activity. Please don’t just throw money at marketing and cross your fingers, hoping that it works. There is so much marketing “noise” around Christmas it can be hard to get cut-through.

At Charlotte Says we do Christmas cards and some Christmas activity, but we do relationship marketing at other times of year too…the most important piece of advice I can give you in this blog post is to make sure you remember clients are for the long term, not just for Christmas. If you only bother with them over the season, you will get found out and it screams of insincerity.

As a B2B business that works with suppliers and partners I wanted to use my position to collate some top tips from other B2B businesses to help you. So if you want to hear what others say about reaching out to clients and leads at this time of year then read on…



Christmas scrabble


Smart Cookie Design is a London based studio who craft ecommerce stores that grow businesses. Shopify experts and lovers of all things ecommerce. When asked about marketing promotions, Michael Kashioulis, founder of Smart Cookie Design said:

“The best B2B Christmas marketing promotions we’ve received are the ones that really stand out from the rest and that we remember post-Christmas. If its actually useful and not a gimmick that’s even better!”


Andrea Krase, founder of Sophia’s Diary, the only Children’s Directory in Enfield and number one online destination for parents, had this advice:

“Christmas is a great time to reconnect, build friendships and meet contacts, in an informal way.” What with Christmas socials and drinks aplenty there are plenty of opportunities.


Events Director, Stephanie Buck of Stephanie Buck Events, works with SMEs and entrepreneurs to strategically plan and execute events to deliver successful results. Her advice runs along the same vein:

“It is a good time of year to reflect on clients and clients that could have been. Make sure you use the opportunity to reconnect, but remember always be genuine.”


So whatever you do over Christmas, don’t neglect your relationships and remember, though it is the perfect excuse to be in touch, relationships only blossom with consistent attention and care.


Thanks to Michael, Andrea and Stephanie for contributing.


And thanks to all for your support over 2017.

Merry Christmas!


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